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Industrial Switching Services

As a third-party contract service provider, ARG Transportation Services offers customized rail services for industrial parks, individual businesses and connecting carriers.

Rail car switching and track maintenance are performed by our subsidiary, San Pedro & Southwestern Railroad (SPSR), which is an experienced, Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)-certified Class 3 rail carrier.

Services are tailored to meet each customer’s needs.

An industrial park association, for example, may contract with SPSR to switch industries and maintain tracks within the site.

Individual customers, or a Class I connecting carrier, may contract with SPSR to perform switching services on a per-car basis. Additional work such as intra-plant switching and track maintenance can be billed separately.

SPSR provides suitable locomotive power, along with operating and maintenance personnel.

SPSR maintains track to high standards, coordinating repairs with customers and connecting railroads as necessary.

SPSR supplies sufficient personnel to serve all industries, based on each customer’s needs and the frequency of service provided by Class I railroads.

SPSR handles car accounting and exchanges delivery / receipt data with Class I railroads, via nationwide Electronic Data Interchange systems.

Coordination and timely reporting helps customers minimize demurrage and other rental charges for extended use of rail cars.

SPSR ensures compliance with all FRA, state and other government safety and operations regulations.

Transload Services

Customers can enjoy substantial shipping savings when they combine the efficiency of rail shipping with the convenience of truck.

San Pedro & Southwestern operates a three acre rail-to-truck facility at Benson, Arizona, which can accommodate up to ten rail cars. Rail service is fast, frequent.

Ample parking is available, also storage/ warehouse facilities. Site is forklift accessible.

Local truck service is available to transfer material to and from work sites and manufacturing facilities.

Local rail personnel are accessible, responsive and flexible—eager to tailor service to meet your needs.

Transload Map

The Benson transload facility is easy to use. It can cut your total transportation cost by combining rail savings with convenient truck delivery.

Tucson and Mexico are less than 50 miles away.